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Herb Rolled Prayer Candles

Herb Rolled Prayer Candles


These candles are hand rolled by Taylor, a mompreneur in Kansas making small batches, of handcrafted items for you to enjoy. 


Set your intentions!

Go ahead and affirm daily!

  • Pairing

    Red- Draws love, power, vitality, sex, and fresh energy. Rolled in jasmine and dog grass to ignite love, perfectly paired with our Magnetic body butter.

    Orange- Strength, success, the attraction of positive things, stimulation, encouragement. Rolled in rose and sunflower for clarity and creativity, perfectly paired with our Rise & Shine body butter.

    Yellow- Communication, intent, creativity, dispel negativity. Rolled in jasmine and lavender to eliminate negative fortunes, perfectly paired with are Midnight Moon body butter. 

  • Additional Info

    You will also receive an insert with descriptions of what each candle is rolled in and their herb meaning/uses.

    DO NOT leave candle burning unattended for any amount of time.

  • Dimensions

    10 herb rolled candles

    1 lb

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